No ‘Escape’

Dear glitz in the gutter,  

Much to my annoyances, I found myself locked. Barracaded. NO- not litterally…even worse… (physically). With the throws of PMS. I was wallowing in my heating pad when I noticed… there was nothing to read. No, not anything. Stuck in bed and NOTHING to even scan. My sixty four dollar tomato book was just that. Cooking books (Reluctantly tossed aside under the kitchen counter) My Sixty nine cent vintage porno book? Not holding captivity. And the only piles of books that were stacked were ones of only old notebook paper.
Then it came to me. A small red plastic covered book with the words enthusiastically painted on the front ”the most beautiful woman in town.”
(Engrossed by the thought) I quickly snatched it up and read the first chapter. hey—not bad.

The jacket cover was flipped. Defeated! Charles Bukowski had won.

After a few more stories/chapters I am hooked.

tastefully yours,
in two hours


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