Hipster Party

Found myself in a hipster house party tonight.
Ways I assumed it was hipster:
-it was7:30 p.m.
-folk/rock music with a raspy singer playing guitar songs that sounded for the most part all the same. (lyrics consisted of making fun of all social scenes including college kids looking ‘dangerous’)
-I felt completely out of place (though that is a common reoccurance)
-Everyone in the room was wearing plaid shirts with long sideburns and tight blue jeans.
-A keg complete with a bartender

My partner in crime and I were skirting the edge outside in the designated smoking yard.
”say something.”
”my it’s a nice night out. We can almost see the stars.”
A guilty laugh was shared as we stared around the clothes line and lingering backside of row houses. True adventureres. I must say…. through my awkwardness, I was pleasantly reminded how Niccolo and I seem to think the same things at the same time.

Highlighting points of tonight:
Our friend puking on the walk over.
A singer talking about his cathader
The blacklit kitchen (I thought was cool)
The typical drug talk outside.

Favorite quote: Our friend is the guy with the plaid shirt and sideburns.

A man with sideburns and a plaid shirt came out and I was about to introduce myself to the friend when I realized it wasn’t him.

I left around eight feeling totally stupid and snobby. Rebecca….. it’s going to be okay.


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