Happy Holidays

I hate the holidays.

Dad called me a few days ago to make sure I would be at my apartment at one p.m. today. He stresses this point FOUR times. He says he is going to pick me up and drive me back to Virginia so I can see family that same day. My sisters on my mother’s side are only going to be in town for tonight.

Today Dad calls me and says he is going to be an hour late and is not going to drive me back on the same day. Ordinarily I would understand, it’s a lot of driving. However, since my sisters live far away and I only see them on the holidays, I am upset because now I will not get to see them. Four hours later when Dad has still not arrived- I call him to say I am upset. I will not see my family like we had planned and he has continued to lie about the times he will meet me. I say that I do not want to see him tonight and I will call him tomorrow morning.

With this, he says he is incredibly disappointed in me and I will have to call him tomorrow and he MAY pick me up in the morning or May pick me up in the afternoon since he is so upset that I am being ‘rude.’ I say that is fine and I am incredibly disappointed as well. Now I will not be able to see my family which I was planning on seeing for months now. Dad gets angry and says now he’s not even sure if he will take me back to Virginia at all since I’m being so rude.

I have every right to be rude. He expects me to kiss his feet for picking me up after I had planned on taking the bus. He is late. He is not taking me back on the day we had planned so I could see my sisters. And HE is disappointed in ME? Apparentlly I don’t have a justified reason to be mad. I think he was the one that was sensationally rude. I am now not going back to Virginia and spending Christmas alone. Mom is pissed at me. Dad is disappointed that I’m mad. I am furious.


One Response to “Happy Holidays”

  1. I know how you feel. If someone is four hours late for an appointment, I will be so furious too. I just wonder what his reason for being late for four hours, heavy traffic? He better has a good reason.

    A lot of single people spent their Christmas alone. So, you are not the only one. If you want, you can talk to your sisters with some video chatting. You can also have a lot fun at the New Year parties. Don’t be so upset. Just go out and have some fun!

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