gentrifying hipsters

I’m torn. Let me explain… I recently saw the tv/internet show called The Burg which is about the hipster movement of gentrification. This is actually a rather large problem Philadelphia is currently facing. People with money-pretending to be poor- moving into ‘the newest art scene’ to try and get some street cred. You may know them as:

go go dancers

starving artists

goth/independent/diverse modeling

‘independent film’


The show proves hilarious and actually has a real myspace. However, I get the feeling the people who are target audience are going to be inevitably the anti-hipsters who are basically the same thing as hipsters. (Incredibly opinionated snobs)
I don’t think anyone can stop the gentrification going on with our current economical situation. People are poor. People are going to get more poor. Trust fun(d) kids or not, I think the best we can do for now is just make fun of it.



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