The air was striking close to seventy degrees as I sat sipping a two dollar glass bottle of diet coke. Second street coffee shop proved on the verge of popularity. A woman dressed in fancy boots and a black dress with red collar strolled in for a latte. She had black hair and bright red lipstick painted on like romance flooding an overexposed mouth. Her two men trailed behind her in equally fashionable attire.  Perhaps she was on her lunch break from working at an art gallery somewhere a few blocks North of grunge.

I was slung over a summer chair enjoying the fresh cigarette smoke filtering out of a cheap pack of 3.74 cents. Draped arms and crossed legs, I felt rich inside a gigantic jacket.  Perhaps I’ll just glance through this free magazine as I pretend to be on lunch break too.  I thumbed through the future as my friend gazed off into the distance. Messy blond pig tails and jeans that frayed around the edges. She looked a bit out of place, as if stumbling through thoughts in one of those graceful trances where stumbling is dancing in disguise.

“Do you always stumble through the door?” A man with messy facial hair had asked me the night before last.

It’s as if everything I do is half by mistake and half by constant thought. The kind that wraps me up in it until every detail is faulted through the expectation of the next. My legs lingering mysteriously through the starch of black jeans that need to be washed.

Something about messy beginnings  to graceful afternoons reminded me of the sunny seventy degrees. If only it would stay this way forever…. but ladies from all over are slithering their way back to work.


One Response to “Destiny”

  1. Matt Dunlap Says:

    Where did you get a glass bottle of diet coke? 🙂

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