You know when you hear that song that you haven’t heard in god knows when, and you know something really strange is going on. You can’t pin point it. You just turned on the radio and the song might be over in a matter of seconds. You’ve got only a split second to live.
Jamie’s crying.

Last night was the last. Friday dirt in my yellow room. No more yellow, I’m telling you. We were all stretched out on the mattress. the canope. the floor. packed in like sardines with drooling happiness. Jesse was telling a story, but I can’t remember it for the life of me. Jessica was trying to ignore danny with out his feelings getting hurt. I’m off in some other place all together, thinking about my sideways window. Thinking about Michael Jackson. Where did he go?
And then it becomes an obsession. Something I have to find. No, push it away, it’s not important.

An image of one of the Mike’s from high school flashes into my head. He’s moonwalking across the club floor with disco lights flashing around in unison. We’re clapping and moving like animals to Thriller and he’s drunk. We’re drunk. Thrilled. Definitely.

The flash is over and my yellow room has turned to twlight of Saturday. I wake up and songs are pounding in my head, I can hear them through my radio mind until I’m singing them. Humming them. Typing them. Smiling. Not quite ready to let them go.


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