Electric stars

The stars are losing their electricity. I notice it late at night when I look up from my courtyard or window and stare vacantly into the black sky. Dark grey with the prospect of morning. They are dimming fast until the inevitable day when they will completely turn off.

Earth is falling. It’s falling down into the black hole of infinity. We don’t realize it because the world is spinning too fast for us to feel the drop. Faster and faster every day until everything is so far away we can barely see life beyond our fingers. Our myspace. Our personal profile of oblivion.

I’m building a bridge to the moon. Enough shit about space shuttles, it’s time to indulge. I’m building it out of shiny tin foil so the stars will see it. Maybe if they think the bridge is a friend, they will help us find the moon easier. Everyone wants to be on the moon. Everyone.


2 Responses to “Electric stars”

  1. tercero Says:

    Life is like a moment suspened in space where everyones wearing tinfoil around thier heads and they’re hearin echoes of themselves, mirrors projecting fantasies revolving around themselves…the world keeps spinning, more revolutions, more revolutions! the youth speak. and what? we evolve. are we better? we’re born. Over and over again- hands- born- children- reach your tiny fists to heaven like an antenna. oh well.

  2. Hey. Good writing. I’ll put you on my list of blogs to visit to keep up with how you’re doing 🙂

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