The Lonely American

It is no secret that America seems to fail at marriage more than the rest of the world. What most people don’t know is why… so here’s my theory:
People from other countries have strong backgrounds. They incorperate family more than most American’s do. Marriage is a strong value as is family. Through their heritage and sometimes religion, stress is a high factor, but family usually remains in tact. It is not uncommon in South America to live with your family for most of your life.
Here, when a child reaches adulthood (usually eighteen or twenty one) they move out and when the parents become senior citizens and are unable to care for themselves they frequently go into nursing homes. Rarely will parents and children live together again.

Because America is considered the new world, Native Americans rarely exist anymore. The real native Americans are almost extinct. We are the mutts of this world. Everyone has come from a strong family in another place and somewhere along the way that family has broken apart and moved to America in hopes of a better life.
While America may be more prosperous than a lot of the world, the values are very different. When American’s think of success, most think of college, good jobs, money, material things, and perhaps a family or a working marriage. Since these things are more easily available to us, it seems like a shame to waste them and our goals revolve around what we can aspire to.

Family. Honesty. Trust. Responsibility. These successes usually get put on the back burner or traded in for stocks on Google. America has no family. The families we have are less strong and less in general. Our roots do not go back as far as those from other countries. America’s familiy sometimes falls more into the people we know at work or our friends. With out the strong background of family, we are often trying to grasp that ‘thing’ that we are missing from our life. We look for that void in other places.
Casual flings that may bring us the butterflies of early romance

Americans cease to know who they are a lot of times. It’s not a wonder that our stock is not faithfully placed in marriage. Even though a lot of families do succeed (especially in the past) our heritage is shrinking generation by generation and our sight is growing farther and farther away from what is really important.

America is lonely and is it really any wonder why we have migrated to the internet as a source of familiar comfort? The computer is a way to look productive and hide behind the prospect of work while really connecting to other people through such sites as myspace or other social communities. Our need for acceptance spirals into teenage girls posing in underwear on profile pictures. Our need for love is hidden between the lines of less thoughtful letters turned into electronic mail. We are more and more lost between the advertisements and wants of media as we surf into our actual wants and needs.

Is High Speed really what we want? Do those commercials even make sense anymore? Who are we?


One Response to “The Lonely American”

  1. This is happening in all developed countries. Like where i am living in, Singapore. it is just sad because i believe in Family.

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