Catty in the dictionary means: mean, nasty, malevolent; bitchy.

I overheard a conversation the other day that went like this:

“I like catty girls.” Girl number 1 says

“No one really likes catty girls. They’re obnoxious. I think rude girls are atleast more direct and easier to deal with.” Girl number 2 says.

“Cattyness is rude with more wit. It’s smarter.” Girl number one says.

I personally think the only way someone could like cattyness is if they were still feeling as competitive as they did in high school and need to feel a part of the ‘mean girls’ popularity clique. What do you think about wit?


4 Responses to “Meow”

  1. “Cattyness is rude with more wit.” Huh? That makes no sense. Wit would imply a sense of humor and catty people have left humor behind, imo.

    Wit = yes. Cattyness = no.

  2. Farthel Says:

    Mmmm well, wit is something that can makes us the biggest maquiavelian. It is up to us if we use that to do good or to be mean. But mostly, to be mean. No one really seems to build huge schemes just to do good.

  3. I think sometimes the whole part about being mean is just a mask of not wanting to be invaded or intrude by other.

    I believe that everyone has some sort of humanity in them and being rude doesn’t take that away or means that they have the lack of it. Not sure if i am off topic but about wit, it really depends on the individual and how clever. Don’t think it has much to do with cattyness or not.

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