Yesterday I continued my adventuring and ended up at Jen’s house of all places. She was this girl I knew in Charlottesville. She lived in Philly before and moved down with Lexx (her boyfriend I ended up sleeping with.) She wasn’t so happy when I came into her life. She was gorgeous though… this tall, bright red hair, long legged, beautiful woman of twenty two. She partied. She was confident. And everything I wanted to be.

A few friends of mine from Charlottesville called me yesterday to say they were staying with her and I should come over.  As soon as I entered the Urban Outfitter decorated apartment, I was introduced by Jen to her socialite friends. One of them laughed and said “I remember you telling me about her. I didn’t know you guys were FRIENDS!” To which jen nervously laughed and I sat down to drink my wine with Ejipt and Kristin. I still admire her in some odd way.


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