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 Coming down the hill this morning. I saw some grass in a bag with a latch on the rag. I came up to it, said hi, made my peace and left. Goodbye.

Man at the bus stop said he was painting houses. Gray paint. White wash. Jeans rolled up and bus’s rolling down. Like rain hitting the window, splat. And the people bust out two doors like pregnant woman with an extra flap. Trapped. Pouring out in spoonfulls of sugar. Sweet southern style. I was drowning in something slow. 

Gotta get in there. And I did. Moving metal, here I come. To the people who live up from the quicker run. Before I get down, I gotta go up. Rolling on and on past the double door factory and past the pond. Nature? City. Monster? Kitty.

I revved to the end -when the doors opened, I was caught up in the bend. Switch to the other side! I heard the call, but the hill wasn’t so far up back then.


Mormon Fundamentalists

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The Latter Day Saint movement is a group of Restorationist religious denominations and adherents who follow at least some of the teachings and revelations of Joseph Smith, Jr., publisher of the Book of Mormon in 1830.—wikipedia

Among several different kinds of practices, the one most speculated about would be The Mormon Fundamentalists.  One of the most common practices associated with Mormon Fundamentalism is ‘plural marriage’ meaning, polygny.  In some groups, it is acceptable for the men (sometimes much older) to marry a girl as young as thirteen.

A large majority of Mormon Fundamentalists have separated from most civilization to live in ‘sects.’  Rural areas are a common place for mormon fundamentalists to live considering it is away from publicity.

Warren Jeffs has been ”president of the priesthood” which made him the ‘ruler’ for Mormon Fundamentalist communities. He also has numerous arrests and convictions involving rape, and incest.

I thought this website was very interesting if you would like to learn more….,8473,768-1-36-61714,00.html

The Age of Courage (olympic news)

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The miminimum age for the Olympics as of 1997 is Sixteen. However, there is some debate in China about olympic gymnastic star He Kexin is under the age of sixteen. There are mixed reports, some saying he is sixteen and passports are being examined as well, but other reports show he may be fourteen. Another gymnast, Jiang Yuyuan also may be as young as fourteen.

“An advantage for younger gymnasts is that they are lighter and, often, more fearless when they perform difficult maneuvers,” said Nellie Kim, Olympic medalist.

I thought this was very interesting and also true. Even those two years between fourteen to sixteen can change in self courage.  More information comes from:

What are your thoughts? Did you have any moment you can remember when you were younger where you would not have done something at an older age.



a new city

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No longer in Philly for awhile. Now I am in a town which calls itself a city, Charlottesville. Currently I am about to head down to a definite point of interest (Bed Bath and Beyond, (it’s the beyond section that’s best) after I finish playing on Mom’s computer for a bit. She has these great windows that have six small glass pannels and white shutters. It overlooks a beautiful garden with some stray, white iron, furniture that was left by the previous owners. It’s like a jungle over here.

Vines attack the humidity with tall plants and flowers scattered around little secret sections of her lawn. It’s like the secret garden with tables hidden among the jungle and just when you think you might be lost… Oh! A little sitting chair and some stray glasses.

it’s a wild jungle out here folks

Death From Above 1979 – Sexy Results (MSTRKRFT Remix)

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An odd shapely presentation… Amusing to say the least.

The colored houses

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color was thrown around like an ecstatic lie to cover up the dark quiet that bleak situations bleed. Orange. Like careless finger paints splattered around on the floor. Purple silk scattered bathrobes tied tight to the morning. Yellow sun. Move just a little slower.

Late night hope still clings on to fun. A few pocket dollars and a rude hour. No one will see. Color drains. From the bath tub to their faces. The night still sucks sweet.

A jungle of houses depart from the ground. Lifting up, up, and away like a pigeon trying to fly. The stoop is still planted and the vertical apartment houses sway with the wind. Almost. Railings throw their arms up to the red city sky. Begging or praying for something above. Windows gasp and cough to breathe the fresh air. Hoagies. Stumped cigarettes. Plastic bags mistaken for tumble weeds.Everything keeps rolling in a  siren silence. Drifting down broken streets with thoughtful names.

The large woman across the street escapes from her children with white, wild, eyes. Laughing loud and shrill. Frantic and alone, but not for long. The moments can barely be counted when stray cats are the only company. Her hair strings out like wire on an electrocuted sound. She looks fast with darting eyes. Wider. Wider! Wild!

Traveling down empty power lines, every lonesome window can be heard. Howling. Crazy laughter from somewhere off in the distance. Houses roll by in a slow dilopidated depression far from the screaming children of fire orange and silk purple stuck in between a licourice mood.


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