been around the block

The block parties are still going on from yesterday. Police caution-tape sticks to both sides of our block as kids ride by on their bicycles and grandmothers listen to rap out on their stoop. The teenagers like to ride with their girlfriends on the handle bars of the bike as they speed through the dirty streets at night. It’s a large community of folks who have known each other for so long, if they’re not family, they might as well be.

Today we heard the crazy crack head next door might not be as crazy as we thought. For an entire year she has been knocking on our door, telling us there are people outside our courtyard during the night. We figured it was the crack. Matt came in to my room today however, and said he heard there really were people who would climb through our courtyard so they could have sex in ‘Miss Patty’s’ courtyard. Apparently the woman is cheating on her husband. A few nights ago I heard people near our courtyard (the courtyard is in back of my room) and son of a bitch, she might be right. So Matt rigged a boobie trap for the couple if they come trampling through our yard again, we’ll know.

Recently I bought the magazine ‘cosmo’ just for kicks. I was skimming through it in the shower with jess (that’s usually the time we can gossip) when I found myself more disappointed. Has Cosmo become tame or has it always been on the conservative side? It disguises itself with racy issues about ‘what men really want in bed’ and sex moves etc. but when you actually get right down to it, it’s mostly about how to please your man. How to do your hair the way most men like it. What kinds of food guys like. How to treat your guy like a king. How to be a good decorator. How to talk to his mom. Yada yada yada. I remember the thrills of reading it with katie in high school. We were among the few who had sex in 9th grade and that allowed us to go lingerie shopping and buy cosmo’s to read in public. Unfortunately, I’m starting to notice that the articles never change and the secrets that guys want in bed, is all the same. Which is sadly, nothing you can read in a magazine.


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