The Age of Courage (olympic news)

The miminimum age for the Olympics as of 1997 is Sixteen. However, there is some debate in China about olympic gymnastic star He Kexin is under the age of sixteen. There are mixed reports, some saying he is sixteen and passports are being examined as well, but other reports show he may be fourteen. Another gymnast, Jiang Yuyuan also may be as young as fourteen.

“An advantage for younger gymnasts is that they are lighter and, often, more fearless when they perform difficult maneuvers,” said Nellie Kim, Olympic medalist.

I thought this was very interesting and also true. Even those two years between fourteen to sixteen can change in self courage.  More information comes from:

What are your thoughts? Did you have any moment you can remember when you were younger where you would not have done something at an older age.




2 Responses to “The Age of Courage (olympic news)”

  1. I don’t think it’s necessarily true that younger gymnasts have “less fair” That could be Nellie Kim speaking out of bitterness (Nadia beating her when Nadia was 14 and she was 17)..

    What I mean is there are gymnasts who were fabulous at 14 and perhaps did feel more pressure at 17. But there are also gymnasts who performed better when they were older.

    For example Lilia Podkapayeva debuted at 14. at the world championships. She made it low on the totum pole in the All Around, but made Vault Finals. At Vault Finals her nerves got to her, and she went splat!

    By 15, she finished 6th in the All Around, but got a silver medal on beam. However, while everyone loved her she began to get the reputation as being inconsistent. However, at 16, she won the AA at the world championships, and medaled at 3 event finals. And at 17 she won the Olympic AA and medaled at 2 individual events.

    My point is different gymnasts respond differently and there are a lot of gymnasts who performed better after they got some experience.

  2. I meant less fear

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