a wind mill community

All over upper N.Y. wind mills are planted along open land and private land for the rush of ‘new energy.’ Something to fight gas prices, alternate energy, and create hope. Unfortunately, many of the communities in norther N.Y. do not feel this way.

The wind mill companies are tearing apart communities. Activists against the wind milling (because of noise and the corruption of work and bribery that goes along with aquiring the land for wind mills) have become quietly threatened in the process. One activist found her car windowshield smashed twice since the wind mill corruption.  Land sells for tens of thousands and some people want to get in on it while the economy is not quite booming.

One wind mill activist says that the neighborhoods suspect when someone has suddenly been able to buy a few new tractors whether they have made deals with the wind mill company.  One person helped a wind mill company find land and was seen stepping into a wind company car and recieving a package and then stepping aboard the company workforce another week later.

is it worth it? at what cost?


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