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Lady Like

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Things I’ve learned from the women in my family:

-White wine is for chicken, fish, and sometimes pork

-Cocktail hour is at six, sometimes five.

-Boston has cocktail hour all day long

-Bloody mary is for Sunday morning

-Ladies DO NOT smoke on the street

-Pick up a tea pot with your right hand and the tea cup with your left… always at the same time

-walk slowly into a room

-always sip tea, never gulp. First sip is for grattitude. Second sip is for taste. Third sip is for friendship, always leave just a little in the cup.

-shoulders must be balanced with elbows for good posture

-always wear a hat to the horse races

-Corsets ruin the figure

-Never confuse yellow diamonds with topaz

-Never talk about yourself on the first date

– silps are sexy, garters are not

– Men should always come to the door on a date, never ever honk.



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Tennesse is home of rolling hills. Gigantic, green, flowering meadows.  The rural flatness of fields and dirt in Virginia seems ugly by comparison. The people here speak with even more of a southern accent and are even more laid back and relaxed.

I walked into a small grocery store in a ”town” close by to pick up some tomatoes and various vegetables etc. I didn’t know what a certain type of cucumber was, so I asked the woman at the cash register. She turned to me with a great smile and said ‘oh honey, I don’t know WHAT kind of thang that is, but hon, you’ll have to tell me when you come back.” At first I thought it was a pretty big presumption I would be coming back to this store, but then I realized….what other store is there? Of course I would be back.