Lady Like

Things I’ve learned from the women in my family:

-White wine is for chicken, fish, and sometimes pork

-Cocktail hour is at six, sometimes five.

-Boston has cocktail hour all day long

-Bloody mary is for Sunday morning

-Ladies DO NOT smoke on the street

-Pick up a tea pot with your right hand and the tea cup with your left… always at the same time

-walk slowly into a room

-always sip tea, never gulp. First sip is for grattitude. Second sip is for taste. Third sip is for friendship, always leave just a little in the cup.

-shoulders must be balanced with elbows for good posture

-always wear a hat to the horse races

-Corsets ruin the figure

-Never confuse yellow diamonds with topaz

-Never talk about yourself on the first date

– silps are sexy, garters are not

– Men should always come to the door on a date, never ever honk.


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