strawberry fields

Tonight I hung out with an old friend of mine. Lexx and I used to date about five years back. I think I expected that we might hit a bar or go over to Jesse’s house, but we actually ended up at another old friend, Tina C. house. It was amazing…there wasn’t any booze or anything  and it was almost like being drunk anyway. We watched a dance competition on tv and sat around making snide comments about the chinese judge and the american dancers.

Midway through, I went out for a cigarette and a guy I used to know, told me he missed hanging out and that I was so entertaining back then. He reminisced about driving me and a few other people in the ‘jet van’ etc.  The weird part is, I barely remember the things I did back then and I keep catching glimpses from other people’s memory. Riding in backseats of cars. Dancing downtown. Cab rides to nowhere.  Sometimes I want it back, I feel like everything was more exciting back then, and it was… but if I barely remember it… what good was it? I told the guy I wasn’t very entertaining now, I like to read most days away. We talked about books… everyone is grown up. It’s a city of faint memories from route 29 to I95.

So I get home now, at eleven thirty, before midnight, and claim my seat next to the fire and get out my book. The beatles are still playing on the stereo downstairs.  Rocky Raccoon. And Niccolo is fresh on the brain.


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