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1 a.m.

Posted in poetry on February 16, 2009 by staticity

one a.m.

the electricy ran out. was the tv running a tad too long in the background, or had it just decided to move down to a different street? The case of the missing electricity. where could it have gone? i kinow it’s here, right in the back of the screen, but its no… that’s entirely too bright. it’s death. i heard your throat will close up before you can clasp your chest. i heard it makes you blind. a dead eyed stevie wonder. i had to look away, it was hideous the way it pretruded into the back doorways. walls were so white they were stark. it’s neon unavoidance... a plague of flourescent offices. it was as if somehow too ostentatious to ignore. ugly but in all the right places. pale electricity is like enviornmental lighting, it burned out too fast.