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Posted in Uncategorized on October 21, 2009 by staticity

Do you ever feel just off? Not sick- just kind of blank, but not in the nice regular day to day, four o clock way.  Like you’ve run out of thoughts. Is that possible? Thought out. Completely. Nothing left but stupidity, but not even stupidity… just blank white. I hate white, nothing that bare can be that good.

Yup, it’s gone. Whoops- thought I had it, guess I missed it god damn it. I tried to get a thought in earlier, but it just wasn’t happening. Force field of skin block.    Not to say that you can’t feel things when you’re this blank. The feelings are there, but the mind is empty. So if the feelings are there, maybe that means feelings are disconnected from  your brain. So where do you feel it? My back. I feel it in my spine.  That’s probably why they give you shots in your spine, because it goes straight to your feelings and numbs them out. I don’t want that.

I think it’s definitely possible to over load on your imagination. I think most people over load when they’re a kid and then it slowly disappears over time. Then you’ve only got it on reserve- for when you ‘really need it.’  But need is a funny word, and you’ll end up perserving it forever if it’s only for emergencies.  Funny indeed. Yup- funny like a paper spine.