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New Years Gestapo

Posted in adventure, holidays, insanity, life, New Years, police on January 3, 2008 by staticity

According to Wikipedia:

The Mummers Parade traveled northward on Broad Street in Philadelphia for decades. black face paint was once a traditional part of the parade. Growing dissent from civil rights groups and the offense of the black community led to a 1964 official city policy ruling out blackface.  Because of the large number of clubhouses there, South 2nd Street (Two Street) often serves as a party location after the parade, with the epicenter being South 2nd Street and Mifflin Street. Local residents and others in the area for the parade crowd the local bars, clubhouses and sidewalks, sometimes joining in the unofficial parade. With the parade they spent months preparing for over, the Mummers let loose and celebrate. This multi-block party continues well into the night or early morning, with some Mummers not sleeping for 24 hours straight.


New Years day was the mummers day parade. The Mummers day parade is basically a tradition carried on in Philadelphia which consisted of marching racism. Black painted faces. People dressed as Mexicans. Drunk men and women with their children watching as free bottles of alcohol were distributed from elaborate costumes.

That was only the beginning. Around eleven p.m. Mr. eyebrows, a few others, and I walked down to second street where the after-party was lingering. I figured it might be a group of people drinking and chatting on their stoops. As we approached second street however, we were greeted by several policemen in knee high patent leather boots and shiny leather coats. They were standing in a line in front of thousands of empty beer bottles littered across the street. It was like nothing I had ever seen.

Jesters getting drunk and screaming with Italians everywhere you looked. The perfume of beer was so strong if you weren’t drunk- you might as well have been. Bars were packed on every corner with blasting music that could barely be heard over underagers scarfing down 6 dollar beers. People sold blinking lights and face paint while most people were still in their costumes. The streets glittered with aluminum. Though the police looked strikingly similar to Nazi’s – no move was made to stop what was seemingly a riot of loud, pushing, screaming, Italians, neighbors, women, kids, everyone. Filling streets for miles into the night.