I had made it out of Mechanicsville in a half hour flat. Mechanicsville is a tiny town not worth traveling to. It’s not even on the map. The town is filled with small gas stations, dollar stores, antique stores, big dilapidated houses, and people with gaps of missing teeth. I had only been there twice before, but both times it was an appearance of being lost.

The woman driving me, lived in D.C. She had come down to visit her fiance when he decided to call it off. Technically she called it off when she saw him in bed with a woman half her age.

“She looked like she could have been twelve. Why do guys go for that?” She sighed and continued to swerve along the road as fast as possible. It was like a virtual reality game to her, I almost wished someone else had given me a ride instead.

“That’s disgusting.” I really didn’t have any opinion on the matter. At one point I had been the younger woman, so nothing I said would really be true.

The woman hadn’t introduced herself and neither had I. Names weren’t important, just the adventure. I was twenty minutes outside of D.C. now, but it wasn’t the kind of city I wanted. I wanted something bigger. Something just a little more fun. Another three hitches and I could get to NYC and still have 75 dollars.


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